who Is Jenni Hunt?

Jenni Hunt has been successful with turning her eBay hobby into a real business with real profits. She spends hours every week researching trends of what children’s items are selling well on eBay and shares that information with her HuntedTreasure and MyToyGuide members. You might know her from the popular Holiday Toy Guide that has been published annually since 2004. Although she specializes in researching trends with selling children’s items – many of the principles she teaches can be applied to other markets.

She is a stay at home mom who decided to leave her high tech marketing position when her first child was born in 1999. Jenni enjoys applying her marketing experience to her eBay business and has figured out many strategies for producing profit from it. In fact, she has consistently doubled her profits every year since starting her eBay business in 2003. She has a passion for helping other online sellers do the same by introducing them to the idea of internet marketing and moving beyond just selling auctions.