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Jenni Hunt has been successful with turning her eBay hobby into a real business with real profits. In fact, she has consistently doubled her profits every year since starting her eBay business in 2003. She has a passion for helping other online sellers do the same by introducing them to the idea of internet marketing and moving beyond just selling products online.
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The Start Here Program is all about
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internet marketing strategies to your online business

Diet Take control back from eBay by building your own traffic generators and additional revenue streams…
Diet Learn step-by-step HOW to apply internet marketing strategies to your online business
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Available Courses

**All Courses Are Beginner Friendly**

Start Here Pinterest For Business
Learn how to use the fast growing social book-marketing site to grow your business

Start Here Blogging Program
A step-by-step guide for getting a blog published and generating revenue

Start Here List Building Program
‘The Gold is in the list’ – Learn how to build a mailing list

Start Here Program: Build An eBook In 10 Days
Having an information product under your belt is one of the best ways to build additional revenue streams – and you can publish your own eBook without even writing it! Learn how with this course.

Start Here Membership Program
The SIMPLEST way to build a membership site that will produce a redisual income for you… a must have for online business owners and we show you how in easy step-by-step lessons!

That is what the Start Here Program is all about…
It’s about the HOW – and making it EASY!

We are giving you PRACTICAL
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It’s time to
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…the ebook on the hot toys right now was very helpful, things I NEVER would have thought were popular!! ~ Casandra

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