{Online Creativity} 2014 Summer Toy Guide – Free Report

I was going to split this ebook into a series of articles but decided to just keep the report in tact and send it to you in one full-swoop.

One of the things I love about this time of year is hitting garage sales for inventory… When I talk to people about how I do this I tend to get the same reaction – their jaw drops and eyes buldge. They just can’t believe that you can find solid inventory at garage sales… So, I put together a report that teaches how to buy inventory at garage sales. I call it my Garage Sales for Inventory Plan: Turning $80 into $500… And it is free for you.

You can download it here:

www.MyToyGuide.com/summer – just scroll down about ¾ of the way and look for the yellow arrows pointing to it. You don’t have to buy anything or sign up for anything – just click and read… and/or save it to your computer for future reference ;-)

Along the lines of buying used inventory… I’ve teamed up with Sherah Taylor again to offer her valuable eBook: Secrets of Garage Sale Bargains for Profit .

Sherah Taylor knows how to find used children’s inventory… she has a long history of successfully selling online and shares all of her secrets in her book Garage Sale Bargains for Profit. But, here is the thing about this book… these aren’t JUST Sherah’s secrets – she asked a group of high end sellers to share their secrets and pulled these tips into her eBook. If you are looking for used inventory to resell online – for eBay OR Amazon… don’t miss the tips in Sherah’s ebook!

Grow FAST with a team!

I can’t seem to talk enough about how important it is to be involved in a community of like-minded people so your business can grow…

Master mind groups are a smaller community that help you grow your business beyond anything you can imagine – because they:
- Provide accountability
- Help keep you focused
- Are sounding boards
- Give you access to a team of others with strengths that complement yours
- and so. much. more.

Finding a good mastermind that works can be challenging… Well, a group of successful online sellers have seen their own businesses grow leaps and bounds by being involved in their own mastermind group and they want to see you enjoy this same kind of success!

This isn’t for everyone – but, if you are serious about taking your online business up a notch, you might want to pay attention. These guys are the real deal and are putting on a conference at the end of the month where they will help you get into a Mastermind group like theirs…

Learn more here: http://www.mm8group.com/

{Online Creativity} Thinking Too Small?

{Online Creativity: Getting Over ‘Small’ Thinking…}

Thinking too small?

I don’t know about you… but, every once and a
while I get stuck.
I like to think of myself as an ‘out of the box’ thinker… and
tend to believe that there is a creative solution for everything;
however, every once and a while I get a bit stuck. I start to think
“This is it. This is a big as it will get no matter what I do.”

Ever feel like that?

When I’m stuck in this dangerous trap, I briefly look at what got
me there then adjust my course.

How did I get here?
What am I afraid of?
Are my priorities wrong?
Am I focused on the wrong things?
Have I surrounded myself with people in my business who hold me
back or encourage me to grow?

Usually I spread myself out too thin… I have big dreams of what I
want to accomplish and how I want to be able to help people;
however, more often than not, my ideas are bigger than I can
accomplish on my own.

Although I tend to be pretty independent, I enjoy the value of
working with a team. The energy and encouragement of being a part
of a community is just contagious and so much larger than anything
I could do myself.

Are you a part of a community like this?
I would like to help you if I can.

I have found the Private Niche Groups for online sellers is filling
this need for many sellers. Both Amazon and eBay sellers alike are
finding the community in these groups to be extremely helpful in
their business.

You’re Welcome & More Amazon Resources!

Hello ~

It has been so fun sending out such great free resources to you
guys. Many of you have taken the time to let me know how helpful
they have been for you.

You’re welcome!

(If you missed Skip McGrath’s free report I sent out last week
about selling on Amazon, you can download it here:

Skip has put together the Complete Amazon Marketing System - and as
you can imagine, it is top notch just like everything Skip does.

I was able to negotiate a discount for his new course… if you get
in by the end of March, you can save $20 HERE.
Be sure to use the coupon code: R3K65JH2 and click ’APPLY’
to get the deal.

I have to tell you, selling on Amazon takes selling online to a
completely new level! If you aren’t looking at it as a venue
for selling your inventory, I recommend you do so soon. Over a year
ago, Amazon surpassed eBay with traffic. Just last December, over
60 million people signed up for Amazon Prime! You need to have it
be a part of your selling strategy - and Skip’s course can help
take you there. If nothing else, be sure to read his free report above.

Finally, if you are selling toys online be sure to check out the
Private Niche Group for online toy sellers. The current session has
about 50 spots open. They won’t last long… The Private Niche
Groups are proving to be an incredible resource to online sellers
because it is a small community (only 100 members) with an expert
team available to you in the group. It is a safe place to ask
questions (and get an answer almost instantly!) and share hot finds
without feeling like you are sharing with the whole world.

Check out the expert team for this group and learn more here:

Jenni Hunt

PS. Don’t forget - the Private Niche Group for online toy
sellers will close as soon as we reach our limit! Act fast before
you end up on the waiting list.

{Free Report} 20 Tips For Selling On Amazon

I have another free report about selling on Amazon that I think you
will like. Skip McGrath shared this with me…

You can download it here:

I think you will like it because it lists out great tips for
selling on Amazon… and whether you are new to Amazon or have been
selling a while, there is something for you in the report.

Jenni Hunt

PS. Don’t forget - we just opened the doors to a Private Niche
Group for online Toy Sellers. If you sell toys - you do not want to
miss this because when it will fill up quickly!
Learn more here: http://www.PrivateNicheGroups.com/toys

NEW Private Niche Group for Online TOY Sellers!

You asked for it… we listened!

We are very excited to be able to open a new Private Niche Group
for online toy sellers!

Are you selling toys on eBay and/or Amazon? You don’t want to
miss this!

Join your very own community of like-minded online sellers and
experts who are committed to sharing resources and encouragement.

We started the Private Niche Groups in January and they have proven
to be extremely valuable to those in the group! Since then, we have
had a number of you asking if we can open a second group!

So, if you have been waiting for a group to open up, now is your



- The Private Niche Group for online toy sellers 3 month session
runs from March 1 through May 31, 2014.

- The group is a place for community with other online toy sellers.
It is a place to ask questions and get answers from the team of
experts and other members of the group.

- The group is a safe place to share sourced products.

- This is not training… although we have some amazing experts in
the group (Eric Hardwick, Jude Closson, Andrew Milburn (UK), John
Bullard, Lance Wolf and myself) – these experts are available  to
answer questions. An excellent resource!

- Once you are in the group – you will have first access to be able
to join future sessions… and you are grandfathered in on the
price for the group if you join future toy sessions.


It’sDewable Deal for YOU!

I’ve heard great things about the video I shared yesterday… glad you enjoyed it and found it valuable!

If you  missed out on the free video I shared yesterday, you can check it out here:
(it takes a couple minutes to load)

I have been digging deeper into Amazon and looking at various FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) training courses to share with you.

Andy Dew has a program that I’ve gone through and it is simple enough that my 14 year old is going through it and doing great!

“It’s Dewable” provides an easy to understand, step by step training video series that not only teaches you how to
immediately find products and start selling on Amazon through their
FBA program… but, it helps you build a real business. He teaches
you how to find products online to resell making the whole process
super easy.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend ItsDewable to anyone looking
to build a business selling on Amazon.

I am very excited to share with you a deal I’ve worked out with
Andy so you can get into his course right away.

You can learn more about the ItsDewable training course HERE:
http://www.ItsDewable.com BUT don’t use that link or you will
be paying too much!

Save $100 by going through the special link Andy gave me just for
my readers.

As I mentioned a while back, Amazon is moving beyond eBay and if
you are selling online it’s time to learn the Amazon system and
make it a part of your business strategy. After starting in Amazon
10 years ago, I shifted and focused the last few years on eBay. We
have shifted again to include Amazon in our own business strategy
again and have been checking out training programs along the way.
I’m happy to share the good programs I’m finding.

Andy’s program is a great place to start and will walk you
through every step of the way.

Have a great week!
Jenni Hunt

PS. Don’t forget to join us on the SpreeCast about scaling your
online business in just over an hour! You can check it out here:

{Online Creavitity} Free Video for Amazon Sourcing

Andy Dew just sent me this great video and I think you’ll like

You can see it here:

You’ll like it because he shows a few hot toy finds to resell
on Amazon.

Jenni Hunt

Tomorrow we are doing a free spreecast with Barrington
McIntosh on how to scale your online selling business for growth.

Many of the expert team members plan to be on the spree cast -
along with Andy Dew from the video!
WHEN? Tomorrow, Wednesday at 7pm EST.
Hope to see you there!
Learn more here:

Amazon Boot Camp: Why Sell on Amazon?

As I have dug deeper into going back to my roots of selling on
Amazon, I have had the pleasure of getting to know Jessica Larrew

Jessica has developed a program designed to take you step-by-step
into the world of Amazon. Her Amazon Boot Camp Training Videos are
very detailed and walk you through the entire process to get your
first item shipped for Amazon FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon). She has
over 30 detailed videos to walk you through getting your Amazon
business all set up and running efficiently.

I think you’ll enjoy this free report about why selling on Amazon
works - you can still get your hands on it here.

Learn more about Jessica’s ABC Training Videos here.

Almost 2 years ago, Amazon surpassed eBay in traffic… and if you
are an online seller - it should be an integral piece to your
business strategy. Don’t worry though! We’ve got you

Sell Toys? Don’t Miss Out On This Resource!

We are gearing up for the new Private Niche Group on Facebook for online toy sellers starting January 1st.

If you have been sitting on the fence with this one - now is the time while we still have some spots left! Remember, once we reach 100 members, the doors will be closed.


Look at what people are saying about the group that is ending this month:

“Jenni’s Christmas Program far exceeded my expectations. I would never have had the sales I had without her group. Actually, I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of money I made because of Jenni’s program. Also, the group was fantastic. No one had the “scarcity” mindset & shared their ”finds” with the group. Thank you Jenni — I could have never been this successful without your program. Looking forward to the new group starting Jan. 1, 2014 — Wow, can’t believe it is 2014! ~ Jean Pizzoferrato

And here is what Brenda has to say…
“I have purchased Jenni Hunt’s Holiday Toy Guide for the last few years as a guide for selling Toys online and was thrilled when the private Facebook Group was added last year. This year the group was an invaluable addition – it is great to be able to kick ideas around and get help from others who have the same interest and goals! The group helped me surpass my sales goals this year and I look forward to the Private Niche Group starting in January. Thanks Jenni”! ~Brenda Richardson Benedict

Just ONE tip from this list could pay for your membership - the information is that good!

If you are selling toys online - you really can’t afford to miss out on being a part of a small group like this. We will
regularly be sharing products you can find in stores and turn around for a profit on eBay and Amazon. And, if new toys aren’t
your thing - we will also be discussing used toys that hold their value (or go up in value) and are worth picking up at thrift shops,
garage sales and consignment stores.

In the group we are ending this month we saw blocks that you could find at TJMaxx stores for $30 and turn around to sell on Amazon for $75…
Train tables going for 200%+ over cost…
Finds at Tuesday Morning for $15 and turning around for over $200!
The list goes on…

This is a group of SERIOUS sellers… and whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned seller - this group will prove to be a very valuable resource for you in your online efforts for sourcing!

I promise you!

We are so excited… the enthusiasm and energy is bursting already and we haven’t even started!


I’m thrilled about the experts we are bringing into this next session for online toy sellers. Look at who is joining us:

George Nieves the Information Overload King… also our vintage
toys expert (http://georgenieves.com/)
Barrington McIntosh - Award Winning Amazon Seller, in the top 25%
of All Amazon Sales Worldwide currently selling on: Amazon.co.uk,
Germany, France, Canada Buy.com eBay.com and eBay.co.uk
and MORE…

Plus you have Lance Wolf (Amazon Seller Extraordinaire) and myself facilitating and helping along the way too!

Amazing group of people joining us this session!

We would love to have you join us on the inside - but you’ll have to act quickly. Last I checked we had 48 spots left… We close the doors at 100 members to eliminate saturation in the market.

You can learn more here:

Hope to see you on the inside!
Jenni Hunt


{Online Creativity} Focus and Private Niche Groups

What You’ll Find…
1. Back To The Basics: #1 FOCUS
2. Private Niche Group for online toy sellers

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Can you believe 2013 is coming to a close? This is a crazy-busy
time for many online sellers… how has it been for you? I’ve
been hearing so many great things about this year being one of the
busiest yet for online sellers. Just love it!

As we move into 2014, It is a great time to take a look at what you
have been doing with your business and what you plan to do in the new
year. I have a couple of resources to help you with that… and it
starts with going back to the basics.

Enjoy - and have an amazing Christmas!
Jenni Hunt

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
1. Notes on Your Niche: Finding Focus
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Back to the basics…
#1 FOCUS. It is easy to get distracted… by the next best thing…
or by the need/desire to generate revenue… But, keeping focused
and gaining momentum is key to growth.

When I started selling online in 2002, I sold anything and
everything that wasn’t nailed down. Sure, that brought in some
income - but, my business didn’t start really growing until I
focused on a specific niche/market.

Are you focused on a specific market?

What does this look like for you?
Being focused can mean different things to different people.

You can be focused on the current project you are working on (are
you building a website? moving to sell on Amazon? Writing an eBook?)

But, I think what I’m finding most are struggling with is
finding focus in a specific niche or market for their business.
There is LESS competition the tighter you get with your audience…
AND, it is much easier to establish yourself as an expert if you
are focused in on a specific niche.

So - I put together some notes to help you out in this area… I
posted it on my Facebook page - you can take a look here:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
2. Private Niche Group for Online Toy Sellers
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Do you sell toys online?
I have teamed up with Lance Wolf to provide a Private Niche Group
for online toy sellers on Facebook. We have been having so much fun
in the private Facebook page for the Holiday Toy Guide this year
that we decided we need to do this all year! It has PROVEN to be
INVALUABLE to online toy sellers…

So, we have teamed up to offer a private Facebook page where we
will be posting regularly about new and used toys… what to be on
the look out for, where you can find them… tips on listing,
posting, and selling… and more.

Not only that - but we are pulling together MORE experts to join in
and be available to help you be successful in this niche.
Seriously… super excited about this resource!

There is nothing like having a small group forum where you can
bounce ideas around and gain insights into the market you are
involved in.

Here is how it works…
The Private Niche Group for toys is offered in a 3 month session
and only to 100 people.

Limiting the group to 100 sellers, helps create a safe environment
for online sellers. It is a small forum so you don’t feel like
you are sharing your hot finds with the whole world.

Limiting to a 3 month session allows us to manage the group more
efficiently - and as an online seller, you can rest assured that
people are not coming and going from the group… these people are
committed for the 3 months time.

After the 3 months are up, we will start a new session - giving
first access to those already in the group.

There is a code of conduct we require all members to follow - but,
it is simply common sense and courtesy to the other members. Ready
for it?
1. Treat everyone in the group with respect.
2. What is shared stays in the group.

That’s it!
Ready to jump in?

The first 3 month session starts January 1st… but sign-ups start
Remember - only 100 members will have access to this Private Niche
Group for online toy sellers.

Here is what you need to know:
Session starts January 1, 2014 - and continues through March 31st
Membership is $47 monthly for 3 months
Save and pay for the entire 3 month session at once for $127

If you have been following along with the Holiday Toy Guide
Facebook page, you likely already know that just one toy tip can
easily recover the cost of membership!

What you can expect:
- Hot tips for new and used toys that are currently selling well
- monthly report of used toys selling well on eBay
- tips for listing, posting and selling online from experts
- small, safe community for sharing your own finds and asking
- benefits of being a part of a small community of like-minded

Ready to jump in?
Don’t forget, this is first come - first serve.. We are only
taking 100 members and this email is going to over 10,000 people…
this is going to fill up fast!

SIGN UP HERE —> http://www.PrivateNicheGroups.com

Have you joined me on Facebook yet? I would love to ’meet’
you… come on by and introduce yourself! I am having a great time
putting a face to names I have seen over the years.

I’d love to ‘meet’ you on Facebook!

I resisted as long as I could…
When Facebook first came out and started getting popular, I knew it would be an excellent tool for growing my business… but, I resisted – oh, I kicked and screamed… and I decided to keep my Facebook strictly for personal use. {Sorry if you have tried to ‘friend’ me and I’ve ignored your request – nothing personal!}

But, as the years went by… I saw even better ways for how to use Facebook to grow a business. In fact, about three years ago I started helping offline businesses build an internet presence through Facebook. I’ve researched, studied, tested… and learned quite a bit along the way…

But, I still resisted.
I didn’t want another ‘thing’ to ‘have to’ manage.
Can you relate?

Something changed last year. When I was putting together the Holiday Toy Guide I recognized a huge value in creating a community for Christmas toy sellers using the private page feature Facebook offers. It was a great success… and, quite frankly, has been an even bigger success this year!

I have spent the last year focusing more and more on Facebook and have finally come to the realization that it isn’t just another ‘thing’ I have to do with my business… but, it is a very useful tool. In fact, it is so useful that it not only has helped build community in the different niches I have worked in with Facebook pages – but, it has been a time saver!

So… I gave in.
Today I created a Facebook Page for my Online Creativity newsletter and resources.

I would love to have you follow along!
You can go here and like the page – and I promise some fun goodies when we reach certain milestones (ie., the more likes, the more goodies and give-aways on the page!)

[Online Creativity] Recently Laid off Like My Husband?

Last summer my husband was laid off from his job… We certainly
aren’t the only ones this has happened to.

Have you lost your job?
Or maybe your spouse has lost their job?
Perhaps that is why you are here… wanting to build something that
will allow you the freedom to work from home and make ends meet.
Or… maybe you have been doing this a while and you are ready to
take things up a notch.

Regardless of how you got here, today’s newsletter is for you!
Jenni Hunt

[Creativity Online Newsletter]
In this issue:
1. If you need immediate income
2. Create an Information Product (ebook) and publish in 10 Days!

Need immediate revenue?

If you are in need of an immediate income…
The Holiday Toy Guide might be the place for you. It’s all
about selling new toys NOW on ebay and Amazon and we are just
getting started. As a part of the gold level Holiday Toy Guide we
have a private Facebook page and I cannot tell you how crazy that
page has been. It’s hopping with ideas and great discussion for
bringing in revenue NOW. It won’t be available much longer - so
if you have been sitting on the fence, check it out:

The Holiday Toy Guide isn’t for everyone though. It is a few
intense short weeks of buying inventory and turning it around on
eBay and/or Amazon.

10 Days to an eBook

If you are looking more long term and wanting to use some internet
marketing strategies to grow your online business - I have put
together a ’Start Here’ program to get you going.

The Start Here Program was created a few years ago and the course
offerings have grown along the way… in an effort to make them an
even more valuable tool - I’m making some changes and can’t
wait to share them with you.

Since my husband was laid off, he has been building up something he
is calling AdventureDads - and is just about to publish his first

So… in the spirit of writing eBooks, I have been updating and
rewriting the Start Here Training Course: Write and Publish an
eBook in 10 Days.

But, what I’m super excited to share with you is that I’m
bundling this course with a private Facebook page!

There is just something about having a ’mastermind’ or
‘focus’ group with other like-minded people to bounce ideas
off of, etc.

I am extremely excited to share this with you because I know it
will be an invaluable resource if you are interested in or writing
information products.

{By the way - if you have already bought this course, no need to
sign up again! Watch your email for info on how to get in to the

Here is what you need to do…
If you have ever wanted to write an ebook but don’t know what
to write about…
or even if you have written something but don’t know how/where
to publish it…
You’ll want to check this out.

The page with all the info is here:

I have lowered the price to $27 for THIS WEEK ONLY! (Save 20 bucks!)

Here is what you get:
Day 1: Researching for a hot topic of interested
Day 2: The
tools you need
Day 3: What if I’m not a writer?
Day 4: Getting it written (creating an outline and building on
Day 5: Getting it written part II (using PLR)
Day 6: Turning your document into an eBook (or other information
Day 7: Publishing your eBook
Day 8: How to use
your eBook as an incentive
Day 9: How to make money with your
ebook even if you are giving it away!
Day 10: Marketing your information product

1. eBook Template
2. Free eCover
3. Short Report: Creating A Viral Report

COMING SOON as a part of the updated course:
1. Publishing on Kindle

PLUS - Lifetime access to a private Facebook page just for this
course where I will be posting updates and having great discussions
with all you guys about YOUR ebook.

Note that currently, the course does not really talk about Kindle
publishing; HOWEVER, we are adding that to the topics included in
the new course… so as it becomes available, you will have access
to it!

Seriously. I haven’t been excited about offering something to
you guys in a long time. This is good stuff and can’t wait to
see you on the other side. ;-)

Don’t forget - save 20 bucks THIS WEEK and you get the course,
the updates to the course and invaluable access to the private
Facebook page.


A note about focus groups:
Whether you are in the Start Here Training Program or not, I
can’t emphasize enough the value of being in some sort of
community with others who are building a business similar to yours.
Over the next few months we will be talking about this more and
I’ll share with you some of the best places I have found for
this kind of support.

{Free Report} 5 Keys To Researching Toys for reselling profits

It’s no secret that I am big on RESEARCH when it comes to learning what sells best online.

When I research eBay to find items that are selling well, I use 5 Keys shared in a free report you can get HERE:

But, I’ll be honest… research takes a lot of time. I pour in several hours a week researching children’s items and toys to learn what is selling well online.

To be successful selling on eBay or Amaazon (or anywhere for that matter), you have to research to know what is selling. Anyone can do this research… but, many would rather spend their time finding inventory, listing items and making money!

As we come up to the Holiday season – many simply don’t have the time to research… And, that is why we created the Holiday Toy Guide.

If you are interested in selling toys this Christmas, you’ll want to know about this.
The holiday’s are one of THE busiest times on eBay and Amazon for toys… sellers are making thousands in just a few weeks!

If you are going to be successful you have to manage your time well because the Holiday selling season is very short…
Why not let me save you time and do your research for you?

That’s what the Holiday Toy Guide is all about…
Here is what is included in the Gold Level Membership:
- Downloadable Holiday Toy Selling Guide eBook
- 4 regular reports listing how popular toys are performing on eBay and Amazon
- Access to the GOLD Private Facebook Page
- 4 USED toy Hit List reports
- and more…
Over $140 in resources for just $67…
You can get the GOLD Level HERE.

Free Report: 2013 Holiday Toy TRENDS

So many of you have written me letting me know how much you appreciate the 2014 Selling Calendar I sent out not too long ago. Since I’m having a hard time keeping up with the emails, I’d like to just say a quick… YOU’RE WELCOME!

I am always happy to share new online selling tips and resources with you.

I wanted to let you know that the 2013 Holiday Toy Guide is LIVE and ready to go!

I am more excited about the Holiday Toy Guide this year than I have been in a long time! This year we have added a Platinum Level that has incredible Amazon resources to help you take your selling up a level… in fact, we have jam packed the entire Holiday Toy Guide package this year… but, you will have to act quickly because there are only a limited number of memberships available.

There has been some concern of eBay and Amazon getting saturated – so we are doing our part by limiting the number of people who get their hands on the 2013 Holiday Toy Guide.

You can learn all about it here:

Be sure to scroll to the bottom of that page – I posted a free 2013 Toy Trends for the Holidays report for you to download.

Jenni Hunt

P.S. I just checked before sending this email out and there are only 398 memberships left… so if you want one, head on over today:

Less than 5 hours to save $20 on the Holiday Toy Guide

Super quick reminder…
The Holiday Toy Guide presale ends in 5 hours - midnight tonight.

I just got this message from Kristin 30 minutes ago who got in on
the presale… look at what she said,
“I bought in today!! I had so much fun with it last year! It
really was helpful. Thank you so much for putting it together.”

If you are sitting on the fence - putting it off, now is the time
if you want to save 20 bucks!

Use this special link… and remember, act now - the presale ends

This is the only time you can save on this unique resource…
Use this link to save $20 ——->

See you on the other side,


2014 Selling Calendar and Holiday Toy Guide presale

{Online Creativity Newsletter}
In This Issue:
1. FREE Resource: 2014 Selling Calendar
2. 2013 Holiday Toy Guide Presale!

Here we go!
Fall is here… and it’s time to look forward to the end of the year and beyond!

First of all – Check out this 2014 selling calendar I have for you. I could have put it all out in this email, but wanted to make it something you can print off and want to look at. It’s free for you to use, post, share… whatever. Get it here —>http://jennihunt.com/2014sellingcalendar.pdf

Secondly, many of you have been asking about the 2013 Holiday Toy Guide… I’ve been working on it behind the scenes. It will be released mid-October… but, I wanted to let you know about the PRESALE I’m offering to my readers so you can get your hands on it at a super discounted price.

Here is what you can expect to see in the 2013 Holiday Toy Guide GOLD level
- New and updated 2013 Holiday Toy Guide ebook
- List of toys that are expected to be the most popular this year
- 4 reports showing how retail pricing for these hot toys compare to eBay and Amazon
- Access to resources to help you find inventory and list effectively
- monthly Hit List reports for used children’s items through January
- Access to a PRIVATE Facebook page to discuss inventory and listing strategies with other sellers.

The Gold membership price will be $67; however, as one of my readers, you can get your hands on the GOLD package for just $47 if you act now and purchase by October 4th.

That saves you 20 bucks AND you will be the first to get your hands on the Gold package.
Just $47 with this special link.

Make a profit NOW selling used costumes!

[Online Creativity Newsletter]

In This Issue:
1. Your Passion
2. Make a Profit NOW With Costumes!

I don’t know about you, but every once in a while, I take a look at where I am in my business and life and re-evaluate.

This year has had a bit of a twist as my husband was laid off from his job at the end of July… It has forced me to take a good look at what I’m doing… what I have been doing (for ten years!)… and re-evaluate. This is a great exercise to go through – and even better to do it before you are forced to.

Have you ever taken the time to step back and really take a good look at your business?
Have you asked… Is this what I’m passionate about doing?
Or am I just doing it because I’m desperate to bring in revenue?

Maybe it’s time to ask yourself, ‘Why am I doing this?’…

There really isn’t a right or wrong answer to that question – but, it does need to be asked every once in a while to see if what you are doing is aligning with why you are doing it.

Are you just trying to make ends meet?
Are you looking to bring in a 6+ figure income?
Do you want to help others in their efforts?
Is this a hobby?
Do I enjoy what I’m doing?

What questions do you ask when you are re-evaluating your business? I’d love to hear your thoughts…

~ Jenni

Make a profit THIS WEEK with costumes!

The time is NOW to get those costumes up and selling!

Many think selling toys for Christmas is the best option for bringing in the big bucks.

Watch for These Used Costumes to Sell

[Online Creativity Newsletter]
In This Issue:
1. What does end of summer mean?
2. Selling used Halloween Costumes

Hello ~

The end of summer always grieves me… I love the lazy days of sunshine and am not ready to say goodbye to them just yet. But, they will soon be a thing of the past because it’s about to get CRAZY guys!

To show you just how crazy…
Here is a quick guide for selling from now to the end of the year:

  1. End of August through October: Halloween costumes (keep reading for tips)
  2. Late October through November: Christmas clothing. Families are scheduling pictures for Christmas cards and often look for matching kid’s outfits on eBay. Once we get into November, holiday clothing tends to slow considerably.
  3. November through mid-January: It’s all about the toys! (and some winter/snow clothing too)

It’s good to look ahead and be ready for the crazy quarter that is coming… but, for today, let’s focus on what’s coming up quick – COSTUMES!

We are just about to get into the peak of the costume selling season. Halloween costumes have a short selling season, but I don’t think it is as tapped into as much as toys during Christmas – so can be just as profitable as selling toys during the holidays, if you know what to sell.

I thought I’d share with you a (very) short list of used costumes that are selling well. I included these in the last Hit List for MyToyGuide… this is just a snapshot of how well used costumes do this time of year (and we are still early in the season!).


(if you want to see the listings on eBay, just search the title. The first line for each listing below is the title for the auction.)

Last Chance for the 2013 Summer Toy Guide!

Just a quick note in case you have been sitting on the fence with

Summer Toy Guide 2013 is going away in on the 4th!
If you want to get in on how to turn around garage sale toy finds
into profits on eBay and/or Amazon - you have a week to gain
instant access to the Summer Toy Guide for 2013. After July 4th,
I’m taking it down and won’t be available.

You can learn more and get a free report about using garage sales
to build your inventory here:


PS. Even if you aren’t interested in the Summer Toy Guide, I
highly recommend the free report about using garage sales to build
your resellers inventory. You can download it right from the page:

2013 Summer Toy Guide is OPEN

I’ve been thinking.

There are a lot of people dealing with lost income right now… whether you have lost a job, your sales are down… or maybe your
living expenses have gone up recently. It is tough for so many. A
few weeks ago, we learned that my husband is to be laid off next
month. Thirteen years ago we were in the same boat… and that is
when I started selling on Amazon and eBay - and it saved us.

I don’t know if you are faced with similar circumstances…
but, I do know that if you are - there is lots of opportunity
selling online! Selling used toys on eBay and/or Amazon is just one
option out there… and NOW is the time to take advantage of it.

I’ve just finished putting the final touches on the 2013 Summer
Toy Guide… and I am thrilled with the vast resource it is for

If you are selling used toys on eBay, take a look at what the
silver package includes:
- Summer Toy Guide ebook ($27)
- Secrets to Garage Sale Profits ($17)
- Online Toy Reference Guide Access ($30)
- 3 Monthly Reports listing items selling on eBay
As a bundle, it’s only $27 with this special link:

Are you looking to sell on Amazon?
I’ve partnered up with Jordan Malik to offer you everything
included above plus 2 great resources for selling used toys online:

1. 118 Toys and Games you can Buy Locally and resell on Amazon +eBay
by Jordan Malik ($27)

2. How to Buy Low on eBay and sell High on Amazon (B.L.E.S.H.A.) by
Jordan Malik ($19.99)

Separately you’d pay over $120 for the gold package… but,
with this special link, it’s only $47:

Even better…
I am super excited to offer GOLD members a special upgrade to
ItsDewable.com. You’ll find details on the inside… but this
is a special you won’t want to miss!


PS. I’ve been thrilled to hear how many of you have enjoyed my
free report I sent out a short while back about using Garage Sales
for Inventory. If you haven’t gotten your copy - you can
download it here:

Spring Cleaning Your Business

[Online Creativity Newsletter]
In This Issue:
1. Spring Clean Up - Start Here Program
2. Online Business Tune-Up

Hello   ~

It’s Jenni from Online Creativity… if you haven’t
noticed, I’ve been busy around here - and I am super excited to
continue to share with you what I’ve been working on. In this
issues, we talk a bit about spring cleaning… and as much as I
could go on and on about spring cleaning my home, here it’s all
about spring cleaning my business.

Enjoy! And Happy (soon to be) spring…

1. Spring Cleaning - Start Here Program

Spring is almost here and I am cleaning house!
One of the things I am most passionate about in my business is
training and helping others - I just LOVE it when I get emails like
this one:
“All in all I think your course is very worthwhile.  The price
is a bargain. I consider your course to be the best value I have
spent money on to learn how to do things on the internet. I am a
fan of yours and will seriously consider purchasing anything you
offer to help me establish and improve my marketing efforts on the

So… my focus in ’cleaning house’ has been to go through
my Start Here Program. I want to make sure I am offering you the
step-by-step help… in the areas that you need it most as you grow
your online business.

Last week I shared with you my latest course that I have developed
teaching you how to use Facebook to build your mailing list…

This week I have been working on a revamp for my Blogging course. I
am very excited about where this course is going because it is very
comprehensive - yet presented in simple, step-by-step lessons. But,
what is really cool is that I’m adding a whole set of VIDEOS to
the existing 6 month course.

As the course is ’under construction’, I’ve decided to
offer the videos as a stand alone course! If you have been wanting
to build a WordPress website or blog, now just might be the time to
jump on the bandwagon.

You can learn more about the video’s here:

Remember, there are 30 videos - all dedicated to teaching the ins
and outs of installing and setting up WordPress. Here are a few
topics that are covered:

Installing and updating WordPress
How to clean up a new WordPress blog
How to Change Your Permalinks Structure
How to Use and Format Images in WordPress
How to Install Plugins Automatically
How to Use WordPress Widgets in the Sidebar
Adding and Managing Users in WordPress
How to Add Audio Player to WordPress
How to Display Testimonials on WordPress
and many more… 30 videos in all!

And for just $17, you get access to ALL of the videos at once!

This offer is only available while I am updating my Start Here
Blogging course - once the course is revamped, the videos will be
integrated into the 6 month course and you’ll have to take the
course to gain access.


1. Skip McGrath’s Online Business Tune-Up

Yesterday I shared with you some recommended mentors… Today, I
want to add one more ;-)
I was looking over Skip McGrath’s website earlier and came
across a great article about giving your online business a tune-up.
Have you seen it? If not, take a peek… and while you are there,
sign up for Skip’s newsletter. He has a wealth of experience
and his newsletters are extremely informative for the online seller.

Here is Skip’s article for giving your online business a tune
up… I know it is talking about doing this is January - but, since
we are talking about spring cleaning, this topic is a perfect fit!

In the article Skip talks about expanding, growing revenue,
reviewing and updating, and more… But be sure to pay attention to
#6 on the list!! FOCUS. Focus on just having a few mentors pouring
into you so that you don’t get overwhelmed and pulled in too
many directions. Losing focus is one of the biggest business
killers in my opinion. If you missed my list of mentors you might
want to look into, check it out here:

Jenni Hunt

What if you had to start over in your business?

I’ve been thinking… about the economy… about running a
small business… and the question came to my mind -

What if you had to start over?

I have to say, the best thing I ever did for my business was find
mentors early on. When I first started selling on eBay, I got
involved with a group of other women who were doing very similar
things I was doing… and I met Jim Cockrum. I am convinced that
seeking out mentors had a huge impact on my business early on. If I
had to start over again in my business, I would seek out a handful
(2-3) mentors and stay focused.

Here are a few of my favorite mentors:
Jim Cockrum’s My Silent Team:
Seriously - a wealth of information and encouragement here! I
can’t recommend it enough!

Jimmy D. Brown: Jimmy is an amazing
teacher… and if you are looking to get more involved in internet
marketing, he is one of the best to follow.

Are you an Amazon seller looking for a place to connect?
Check out FBAFinds. They have a forum with experts offering support
and a great thriving community to help you with FBA.

How about you?
What would you do if you had to start over in your

Jenni Hunt

PS. Don’t forget… if you have a Facebook Fan page and
aren’t directing your traffic to your mailing list - you are
leaving money on the table! Learn how to harness your Facebook
traffic to your mailing list right inside of your Facebook timeline
page with my new Start Here Training course:
http://www.starthereprogram.com/facebook - just $12 for a limited

Are you using Facebook in your business?

Are you using Facebook in your business?
I have to admit… when I first started using Facebook back in 2008 I made the decision to strictly use it for personal use. This was before the days where there were business pages and personal pages available. Since Facebook implemented the business pages, I have found myself rethinking my decision because Facebook is an amazing traffic generator!

I haven’t yet taken the time to create a page for my Online Creativity business – but, I have been helping other small local businesses build their internet marketing strategies… and that includes helping them learn to use Facebook for their business.

Now – there are plenty of strategies to learn how to bring in traffic to your Facebook page…  For example, did you know that Videos and Photos hold more SEO (Search Engine Optimization) weight than just plain posts? Like I said – there are lots of strategies for helping get Facebook traffic… but, my question to you is…

What are you doing with that traffic?

If you already have an email mailing list that you are building than you likely understand the sheer value in harnessing internet traffic. You’ve heard the statement, “The Gold is in the List!”… It was true back when I started my eBay business in 2002… and it is just as true today!

Building a mailing list gives you control with your customers and potential customers. It is like a list of already qualified leads that you can interact with regularly. In fact, no matter what your business is online… be it selling on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Craigslist, internet marketing, coaching… you should be building a relationship with your audience and the best way to do this is to build an email mailing list.

I’ve broken every internet marketing rule

Life happens.
That’s what this ‘control freak’ (yes, that would be me) has learned these last 5 years… Life happens and sometimes you just have to let it.

And… the life that I have experienced has caused me to break every internet marketing success rule…

It is suicide in this industry to go a month without posting on a blog or interacting with your mailing list… and here I am… months since my last post. How does this happen? Life. Tell me you know what I’m talking about… that you can relate ;-) I know I’m not alone in this – and, I just want to be honest here.

So – months later, I’m picking up the pieces from these last few months and want to share with you what I’ve been up to. See, although it is said to be internet marketing suicide to go so long without posting or emailing… sometimes when your business is established – getting reconnected with your readers can simply be a breath of fresh air. You know, like getting back in touch with an old friend where things pick up right where you left off.

Well, even though life has been full these last few months with family illnesses (have you been fighting the flu in your family like we have?), growing kids (my baby turned 8 this month!), shifting priorities, etc… I have been working away.

I’ve been working with local businesses to build a better internet presence and strengthen their internet marketing strategies.

I’ve been writing training courses to help YOU do the same with your business.

I’ve been reworking my Toy Guide membership to make it more cost effective for you and a better resource.