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1. EmpowerU Co-Op – Sky Rocket Your Business
2. How to Overcome Anything That is Keeping You From Growth & Making Money

Hello ~

Are you struggling with buying inventory because you just
don’t have the cash?

Are you losing opportunity because the suppliers you want
to do business with won’t sell to Amazon sellers?

Are you looking for ways you can grow your business without
a lot of investment?

Do you need a warehouse to handle the large shipments you
would like to order? Are you unable to handle freight shipments?

Any of this sound familiar?

What if I told you that ONE resource can take all these
barriers away?

I am super excited to share with you the new EmpowerU Co-Op!
I’ve teamed up with John Bullard from My Inventory Team and
Ryan Reger from Beyond Arbitrage to bring you this awesome
co-op opportunity!

No joke – Use the co-op to INCREASE your purchasing power
and watch your business sky-rocket!

Check out the short video here explaining how the
EmpowerU Co-Op works:

People are being blown away at the possibilities and doors
this Co-Op opens up – Please let me know if you have any
questions… I’d love to see your business explode! 🙂

Jenni Hunt

PS. Get ready… The Q4 Holiday Toy Guide is coming…

How to Overcome Anything That is Keeping You From Growth & Making Money

It’s frustrating.

Seems like everywhere you look – from business forums to
Facebook – someone is sharing their story of amazing
business success.

Their businesses are growing as quickly as weeds in July.
And no doubt their bank accounts are growing just as fast.

But, maybe you feel stuck…

Perhaps you feel like you are being held back. You might feel
like you just don’t have the same advantages of those with
the mega-success stories.

Those guys have a lot of capital to invest. They have a lot
of resources. Some of them have large warehouses to help
prep inventory. Others have amazing technical skills that
allow them to get ahead faster.

Sound familiar?

If so, then I have some great news:
You see, you too can overcome any obstacle, grow your
business quickly and easily, and level the playing field
with the “big dogs” in your market or niche.


A couple of options here…
First of all – the EmpowerU co-op mentioned earlier is a
perfect opportunity to level the playing field and play
with the “big boys”…

Another option?


You can outsource virtually any task in your business.
This frees you to focus on the most important “high value”
tasks. And it allows you to grow your business quickly and
virtually hands free!

Let me give you a few examples of common obstacles:

1. No List. The money is in the list – but you don’t have
one! The solution is simple: Outsource this task! You can
hire someone to manage the entire process, from creating
your subscription page to writing newsletter content to
driving traffic to your newsletter landing page.

2. No Time. Life is busy… I get it! This is huge – many
people can’t get their businesses off the ground simply
because they don’t have the time. Maybe you’re already
working full time, and you can’t quit your job to focus
on growing your business. Or maybe you have a lot of family
responsibilities. Whatever the reason, you are constantly
crunched for time, meaning you probably can only carve out
an hour or two here and there. Here is the good news: Once
you start outsourcing, all you need are a few hours per
week – and your business will grow faster than you ever
thought possible!

To grow your eBay or Amazon business, you must keep
“feeding the beast” right? But – what if you are having
difficulty putting in the time to find profitable inventory?
You can hire a VA (virtual assistant) to do this for you,
join a sourcing group, or join the EmpowerU co-op mentioned
above. There are all kinds of options and help for you to
find profitable inventory.

3. No Skills. Listen, whatever skills you are lacking,
there are freelancers and programs out there standing by to
pick up the slack. And they’ll do the job faster and better
than you ever could!

Point is, you too can run with the big dogs in your niche.
You can grow your business. You can enjoy more free time.
And you’ll enjoy all of these benefits and more once you
start outsourcing.

But one word of warning: You need to know what you are doing
before you start outsourcing, otherwise you could find
yourself walking an expensive, time-consuming and frustrating

So… What is keeping you from sky rocketing your business?


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How to Outsource Any Project in 4 Easy Steps

How to Outsource Any Project in 4 Easy Steps

You have heard that outsourcing is a great way to grow and scale your business (that’s true). And while you would like to get started right away, maybe it all seems a little overwhelming. Perhaps you are not sure where to start or what steps to take to get the process rolling.

Good News!

You can get started with outsourcing in just four easy steps. Read on… 😉

–> STEP 1: Determine Your Needs

Your first step is to figure out what to outsource. Ask yourself these questions:

– What jobs do you need done? Here you need to evaluate all the areas of your business – including: research, writing, purchasing, shopping, graphics, prepping, packaging, etc. Then draw up a list of jobs you have in each of these areas.

– Is it cost-effective to outsource? First attach a dollar figure to your time (such as $50, $75, $100 or whatever your time is worth – don’t UNDERvalue your time!). Then figure out how long it would take you to do a particular task. Next, multiply the hours it takes you to complete a task by your per-hour worth.

EXAMPLE: let’s say your time is worth $75 an hour and it would take you two hours to create a graphic – that’s $150 of your time… when you can use a service like Fiverr and get it done for under $20. If you can find someone to do it for less, then it is indeed cost effective to outsource a task. The question is – how much of your time does it take to prep and ship? 😉

–> STEP 2: Advertise Your Job

How to Outsource Any Project in 4 Easy Steps You have heard that outsourcing is a great way to grow and scale your business (that’s true). And while you would like to get started right away, maybe it all seems a little overwhelming. Perhaps you are not sure...

My Chunky Time Plan and 2015 Summer Toy Guide

Online Creativity Newsletter
…helping grow your business outside the box…

Hello  ~

Here we are halfway through the year. How are you doing?
Is your business slowing during these summer months?

One of the biggest issues I have heard that is keeping people from moving forward is TIME.
Don’t have the time to research for inventory.
Don’t have time to source.
Don’t have time to list.
Don’t have time to ship it in.

Does this sound like you?

Summer is a hard season to stay focused… the sun is shining – and I don’t know about you, but my happy place is the BEACH… and when we have good weather in the Pacific NW, we head to the coast.

So – how do you fit work in around your summer life?
Or, maybe you are working another job while you build up your online business… How do you “do it all”?

First of all – there are obvious answers that include outsourcing and hiring someone else to do the work for you… but, beyond that – how do you manage?

Enter the CHUNKY Plan.
Break your time into chunks. You can’t do everything 100% all the time – you just can’t. So, plan what you can do and do it… then walk away.

Years ago I was coached by one of the most successful internet marketers. He makes millions and works 3 hours a day, 4 days a week. He breaks his day like this:
1 hour email
1 hour list building
1 hour product development

That’s it.
And did I mention he makes millions?

I like to call this the CHUNKY Plan… It doesn’t have to be hours. And it doesn’t have to be information marketing. Break your day into chunks and stick to the plan. Or break your week into CHUNKS and work that plan.

—————————————————————- Online Creativity Newsletter …helping grow your business outside the box…...

Grow FAST with a team!

I can’t seem to talk enough about how important it is to be involved in a community of like-minded people so your business can grow…

Master mind groups are a smaller community that help you grow your business beyond anything you can imagine – because they:
– Provide accountability
– Help keep you focused
– Are sounding boards
– Give you access to a team of others with strengths that complement yours
– and so. much. more.

Finding a good mastermind that works can be challenging… Well, a group of successful online sellers have seen their own businesses grow leaps and bounds by being involved in their own mastermind group and they want to see you enjoy this same kind of success!

This isn’t for everyone – but, if you are serious about taking your online business up a notch, you might want to pay attention. These guys are the real deal and are putting on a conference at the end of the month where they will help you get into a Mastermind group like theirs…

Learn more here:

I can’t seem to talk enough about how important it is to be involved in a community of like-minded people so your business can grow… Master mind groups are a smaller community that help you grow your business beyond anything you can imagine – because...

You’re Welcome & More Amazon Resources!

Hello ~

It has been so fun sending out such great free resources to you
guys. Many of you have taken the time to let me know how helpful
they have been for you.

You’re welcome!

(If you missed Skip McGrath’s free report I sent out last week
about selling on Amazon, you can download it here:

Skip has put together the Complete Amazon Marketing System – and as
you can imagine, it is top notch just like everything Skip does.

I was able to negotiate a discount for his new course… if you get
in by the end of March, you can save $20 HERE.
Be sure to use the coupon code: R3K65JH2 and click ‘APPLY’
to get the deal.

I have to tell you, selling on Amazon takes selling online to a
completely new level! If you aren’t looking at it as a venue
for selling your inventory, I recommend you do so soon. Over a year
ago, Amazon surpassed eBay with traffic. Just last December, over
60 million people signed up for Amazon Prime! You need to have it
be a part of your selling strategy – and Skip’s course can help
take you there. If nothing else, be sure to read his free report above.

Finally, if you are selling toys online be sure to check out the
Private Niche Group for online toy sellers. The current session has
about 50 spots open. They won’t last long… The Private Niche
Groups are proving to be an incredible resource to online sellers
because it is a small community (only 100 members) with an expert
team available to you in the group. It is a safe place to ask
questions (and get an answer almost instantly!) and share hot finds
without feeling like you are sharing with the whole world.

Check out the expert team for this group and learn more here:

Jenni Hunt

PS. Don’t forget – the Private Niche Group for online toy
sellers will close as soon as we reach our limit! Act fast before
you end up on the waiting list.

Hello ~ It has been so fun sending out such great free resources to you guys. Many of you have taken the time to let me know how helpful they have been for you. You’re welcome! (If you missed Skip McGrath’s free report I sent out last week...

{Free Report} 20 Tips For Selling On Amazon

I have another free report about selling on Amazon that I think you
will like. Skip McGrath shared this with me…

You can download it here:

I think you will like it because it lists out great tips for
selling on Amazon… and whether you are new to Amazon or have been
selling a while, there is something for you in the report.

Jenni Hunt

PS. Don’t forget – we just opened the doors to a Private Niche
Group for online Toy Sellers. If you sell toys – you do not want to
miss this because when it will fill up quickly!
Learn more here:

I have another free report about selling on Amazon that I think you will like. Skip McGrath shared this with me… You can download it here: I think you will like it because it lists out great tips for...