Is Retail Arbitrage Dead? 7 Facts & Tips to Make Your Day!


No matter where you stand on this issue of restricted brands for RA and OA sourcers – here are the facts:

FACT: At least once a year there is a new restriction that causes panic…
especially for those who are newer to selling online.

FACT: In the last 12+ years I’ve been selling online, there has always been a silver lining in these “panic attacks”.

FACT: Many sellers will walk away from retail arbitrage and online arbitrage strategies because of the fear caused by these estimated restrictions. This is GREAT NEWS for those who remain! Less competition!

FACT: There are still millions and millions of items you can resell on Amazon that are not restricted.

FACT: Your business can still THRIVE and grow!

Here are some tips to grow a thriving business when panic attacks seem to be everywhere:

TIP: If you are concerned about RA and OA brand restrictions – buy inventory that is not brand driven.

TIP: If you are concerned about RA and OA brand restrictions – CREATE YOUR OWN BRAND… and it is easier than you think with Ryan Reger’s Private Label the Easy Way Methods!

Join us on a FREE webinar TONIGHT at 7pm CT as we discuss how easy his program really is… And, it’s not too late to have a private label product for the holiday selling season for 2016!

Register here:

And even if you can’t make it, register so you can receive the replay link.
See you tonight on the webinar!

No matter where you stand on this issue of restricted brands for RA and OA sourcers – here are the facts: FACT: At least once a year there is a new restriction that causes panic… especially for those who are newer to selling online. FACT: In the last 12+ years...

What is the Greatest Need to Grow Your Business?

Online Creativity:
Thinking outside to box to grow your business
with Jenni Hunt

Hey {!firstname_fix},

I know it’s Friday and we are heading into the weekend – but, there are so many incredible things going on that I wanted to send you out a quick note.

But – before we dig in, I have a quick question…
I know many of you have been following me online since I started almost 13 years ago. I cannot put into words what it means to me that you have stuck around. 😉 And, it is my sincere hope that your business has benefited from it.

Every once in a while, I have found it helpful to reach out and ask what is important to you as you grow your business.

I have met and worked with some brilliant people with incredible solutions to every day problems in the online business world (reselling on eBay/Amazon and otherwise)… and I get super excited to share with you these opportunities — BUT, it is even more important to me that I am reaching your deepest needs in you business.

What do you need to grow your business right now?
What is your biggest obstacle?
What problems are you looking for solutions for?

I am not just throwing those questions out there… I *really* want to know! Shoot me off an email, post on my Facebook page, PM me… let me know what kind of help you need so I can better help you reach your business goals.

One thing I have heard over and over again is how BUSY you all are…

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Avoiding Amazon’s Long Term Storage FBA Fees

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…helping grow your business outside the box…


As we get closer to February, one question that comes up frequently is…
“How Can I Avoid Long Term Storage Fees?”

Here is the deal – On February 15 and August 15 of every year Amazon cleans up their inventory by assessing an upfront, semi-annual long term storage fee of up to $22.50 per cubic foot. This is a big chunk of change! (The fee is $11.25/cubic foot if the inventory has been in Amazon’s fulfillment center for 6-12 months and $22.50/cubic foot for over 12 months)
[Learn more about Amazon’s fee schedule here.]

So – How can you avoid these long term storage fees?

  1. Lower your price and sell off your inventory quickly at a reduced ROI.
  2. Use multi-channel fulfillment and sell your inventory from FBA to other platforms like eBay.
  3. Remove your inventory.

Amazon only charges $.50 to remove an item (or $.15 to dispose of it) – compared to that hefty $22.50/cubic foot – it’s almost a no brainer.

But, it may not be as simple as it sounds.

What do you do with all that inventory? If you have hundreds or thousands – or even 50 items coming back to you… What are you going to do with it?

You can donate it.
Sell it on craigslist.
Sell it on eBay.
Hold onto it and send it back to Amazon in a couple months.

Here is another option.

What if you could offer your inventory to a group of sellers eager to buy and break even or still make a return?

Obviously – it depends on the inventory you have, your purchase price, etc… But, selling to a group of sellers may be a good fit for you!

Last year John Bullard, Ryan Reger and I created an EmpowerU Co-Op to provide a resource for sellers to share in the cost of inventory. It is a group of 100 sellers who share offers for small group buys… and it’s a perfect solution for selling off some of your long term storage FBA inventory!

Through THIS Friday (the 22nd), we have opened up a new co-op group and cut the price to $97 (from $297)!

There are so many benefits and creative ways to use this group… go here and watch the video Ryan put together to learn more.

Let me know if you have any questions –
Jenni Hunt

PS. Thanks for all the feedback on the flash sales! I’m planning to make this a regular thing. Usually once a month – I’ll give you the details soon so you know when it’s coming.

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Your 2016 Growth Plan

We all know there is lots of opportunity and direction to grow – it’s one of the beauties of the selling on Amazon business model.

Whether you are type A personality… or type Z… take a minute – to at the very least – jot down areas you would like to consider growing into for 2016.


Doesn’t have to be a long list. In fact, it is probably a good idea to keep it short so you can really focus in on these areas.

Or, Maybe you just have one goal for growth:
Double or triple your revenue in 2016.

Get a bit specific though – What does that look like for you?

Are you wanting to increase your inventory?
How about moving into wholesale from RA or OA?

There is only ONE you… so to remain efficient and grow without completely losing your mind, you’ll have to automate some systems you have going.

Are you looking to automate some of your processes – like prepping or research?

Here is an exercise that may help.

In the middle of a piece of paper, write your main objective for 2016.

Draw a circle or a square around it… then draw lines out from it with all the ways you can think of to reach that objective.

Finally, circle those things that interest you.

Maybe you aren’t interested in buying more inventory – but you are interested in finding replenishable items.
Circle it.

Or, perhaps you could care less about wholesale and really just want to move into Private Label.
Circle it.

Choose your top 3 – and focus on those this year.
Write it on a sticky note and put it up somewhere where you will see it regularly.

We all know there is lots of opportunity and direction to grow – it’s one of the beauties of the selling on Amazon business model. Whether you are type A personality… or type Z… take a minute – to at the very least – jot down areas you would like to...

Last Minute Tips Before the Q4 FRENZY!

Online Creativity Newsletter
…helping grow your business outside the box…

We are less than 3 days from the beginning of Q4 – Can you feel it?

There is a lot of hype in the air… it is a crazy selling time! But, I wanted to give you just a few quick tips before it’s here. I think it is super important to set your expectations properly and stay focused as to not get caught up in all the “Big Talk” the holiday selling season can bring.

First of all – You have probably already heard that you can’t sell toys on Amazon this year. Either it’s too late to get started (some say you should have had your items in weeks ago!) or you got that confusing email Amazon sends out letting you know that because you didn’t make enough sales before a certain date – you can’t sell toys.

Well, I’m here to bust both of those myths.

Tip #1: Sell Toys this Q4

It isn’t too late to send in your Q4 inventory! One of the funnest parts of the holiday selling season is using retail and online arbitrage strategies to get the hottest of hot toys. You can’t predict this stuff too far in advance – instead, you have to pay attention to trends and store offerings… then know when to buy and when to pass. I guarantee if you are paying attention, you can make a killing just from buying from retail stores and shipping into Amazon’s FBA program.

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Sky Rocket in Q4

Online Creativity Newsletter
…helping grow your business outside the box…

In this newsletter:
1. EmpowerU Co-Op – Sky Rocket Your Business
2. How to Overcome Anything That is Keeping You From Growth & Making Money

Hello ~

Are you struggling with buying inventory because you just
don’t have the cash?

Are you losing opportunity because the suppliers you want
to do business with won’t sell to Amazon sellers?

Are you looking for ways you can grow your business without
a lot of investment?

Do you need a warehouse to handle the large shipments you
would like to order? Are you unable to handle freight shipments?

Any of this sound familiar?

What if I told you that ONE resource can take all these
barriers away?

I am super excited to share with you the new EmpowerU Co-Op!
I’ve teamed up with John Bullard from My Inventory Team and
Ryan Reger from Beyond Arbitrage to bring you this awesome
co-op opportunity!

No joke – Use the co-op to INCREASE your purchasing power
and watch your business sky-rocket!

Check out the short video here explaining how the
EmpowerU Co-Op works:

People are being blown away at the possibilities and doors
this Co-Op opens up – Please let me know if you have any
questions… I’d love to see your business explode! 🙂

Jenni Hunt

PS. Get ready… The Q4 Holiday Toy Guide is coming…

How to Overcome Anything That is Keeping You From Growth & Making Money

It’s frustrating.

Seems like everywhere you look – from business forums to
Facebook – someone is sharing their story of amazing
business success.

Their businesses are growing as quickly as weeds in July.
And no doubt their bank accounts are growing just as fast.

But, maybe you feel stuck…

Perhaps you feel like you are being held back. You might feel
like you just don’t have the same advantages of those with
the mega-success stories.

Those guys have a lot of capital to invest. They have a lot
of resources. Some of them have large warehouses to help
prep inventory. Others have amazing technical skills that
allow them to get ahead faster.

Sound familiar?

If so, then I have some great news:
You see, you too can overcome any obstacle, grow your
business quickly and easily, and level the playing field
with the “big dogs” in your market or niche.


A couple of options here…
First of all – the EmpowerU co-op mentioned earlier is a
perfect opportunity to level the playing field and play
with the “big boys”…

Another option?


You can outsource virtually any task in your business.
This frees you to focus on the most important “high value”
tasks. And it allows you to grow your business quickly and
virtually hands free!

Let me give you a few examples of common obstacles:

1. No List. The money is in the list – but you don’t have
one! The solution is simple: Outsource this task! You can
hire someone to manage the entire process, from creating
your subscription page to writing newsletter content to
driving traffic to your newsletter landing page.

2. No Time. Life is busy… I get it! This is huge – many
people can’t get their businesses off the ground simply
because they don’t have the time. Maybe you’re already
working full time, and you can’t quit your job to focus
on growing your business. Or maybe you have a lot of family
responsibilities. Whatever the reason, you are constantly
crunched for time, meaning you probably can only carve out
an hour or two here and there. Here is the good news: Once
you start outsourcing, all you need are a few hours per
week – and your business will grow faster than you ever
thought possible!

To grow your eBay or Amazon business, you must keep
“feeding the beast” right? But – what if you are having
difficulty putting in the time to find profitable inventory?
You can hire a VA (virtual assistant) to do this for you,
join a sourcing group, or join the EmpowerU co-op mentioned
above. There are all kinds of options and help for you to
find profitable inventory.

3. No Skills. Listen, whatever skills you are lacking,
there are freelancers and programs out there standing by to
pick up the slack. And they’ll do the job faster and better
than you ever could!

Point is, you too can run with the big dogs in your niche.
You can grow your business. You can enjoy more free time.
And you’ll enjoy all of these benefits and more once you
start outsourcing.

But one word of warning: You need to know what you are doing
before you start outsourcing, otherwise you could find
yourself walking an expensive, time-consuming and frustrating

So… What is keeping you from sky rocketing your business?


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