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Hi ~

I’m well aware that eBay (and many others) are already starting to
release their hot toy predictions… If you are planning on selling
toys this holiday season, you will want to read this very important
email! We will rip eBay’s list APART… don’t miss this.

But… real quick – the 2010 Holiday Toy Guide PRE-ORDER
opportunity ends in less than 24 hours. Friday, September 24th is
the last day to save $30 by taking advantage of the pre-order.

If you have been putting it off – here is the link:

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So – about those toy predictions that are coming out…
If you are selling toys this year – whether you take advantage of
the Holiday Toy Guide or not, you will want to hear my thoughts on
what eBay, Toys R Us and others are already announcing.

First of all…
ANYONE can make predictions about what is going to be selling well
this holiday. But, these predictions and lists will do NOTHING for
you if you don’t look at the data and take note as to HOW they are
performing on eBay!

I want to be extremely clear on this point… because if you don’t
pay attention to it, I can almost guarantee you will lose money
selling toys on eBay this year.

Just because a toy (or any item for that matter) is predicted to be
popular this holiday season… it doesn’t mean that it will be a
good seller on eBay.

Please read that sentence again.

THIS is what the Holiday Toy Guide is all about.

Sure, you will get loads of tips on how to beat out your
competition… you will hear about all sorts of deals on some of
the most popular toys… you will find out about Black Friday sales
WAY before Thanksgiving… you will get a huge list of what toy
experts are predicting to be the most popular this year…

BUT WHAT is the MOST valuable is the WEEKLY report that is sent out
where we take the long list of toys that are expected to be hot and
actuallly see how they are performing on eBay.

Some will do GREAT… others – not so much… BOTH pieces of
information is incredibly valuable to you as a seller! You can’t
just take the list of predictions – you have to do the research!

You can do this yourself…
Or, you can save yourself a TON of time and have the Holiday Toy
Guide do it for you.

Let me show you a real example of how we take a list of predictions
and compare it to real eBay data.

We took a short list of toys that eBay states are in demand on the
Toy Story 3 category holiday hotlist this year… and checked to
see how they are actually performing on eBay.

Now – keep in mind – these are toys that are on eBay’s HOT LIST…
we’ve just added the data that we have researched.

The list is in a PDF format here —>

And, don’t forget about the Holiday Toy Guide PreSale!
Here is what you get:

As a GOLD Holiday Toy Guide member, this is what your $67 gets you:
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- 8 weekly emails reporting how the ‘expected to be popular’ toys
are performing on eBay
- 4 months access to MyToyGuide for used toys
- Deal alerts for new toys
- and MORE!

expires at midnight – TOMORROW – September 24th.



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  • Comment by Sue |

    Hello Jenni,

    I took your “used clothing” advice for a test drive since I realized the economy really was ideal for it. Did you know that I wasn’t even able to unload new clothes with tags on ebay even with extremely opening price and ridiculously low shipping. I would really love your feedback on this since I was really surprised by it.However, unique clothing lots were getting bids.The clothes I put up were originally purchased for my babies but I soon realized they had grown so fast that I didn’t get a chance to use them.

    I think this holiday season will present two types of buyers this year. Those that are really thrift buying and those that will have limited buying habits. And still the other type who will wait till the last minute for deep discounted items.

    I really appreciate your emails and all comments. thanks.

    • Comment by Jenni Hunt |

      Hi Sue,
      I don’t know about the brands you were listing for the children’s clothing – but, I have found that CUTE doesn’t sell by itself. Since eBay buyers don’t have the luxury of browsing real racks of clothes (actually touching and seeing the items), they tend to search for brands that they already know are good quality and high end. You can have the most adorable outfit ever… but, it won’t be seen unless it has some keywords in your title that buyers are searching for – and that usually means a name-brand.
      Hope that helps some…

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