No matter where you stand on this issue of restricted brands for RA and OA sourcers – here are the facts:

FACT: At least once a year there is a new restriction that causes panic…
especially for those who are newer to selling online.

FACT: In the last 12+ years I’ve been selling online, there has always been a silver lining in these “panic attacks”.

FACT: Many sellers will walk away from retail arbitrage and online arbitrage strategies because of the fear caused by these estimated restrictions. This is GREAT NEWS for those who remain! Less competition!

FACT: There are still millions and millions of items you can resell on Amazon that are not restricted.

FACT: Your business can still THRIVE and grow!

Here are some tips to grow a thriving business when panic attacks seem to be everywhere:

TIP: If you are concerned about RA and OA brand restrictions – buy inventory that is not brand driven.

TIP: If you are concerned about RA and OA brand restrictions – CREATE YOUR OWN BRAND… and it is easier than you think with Ryan Reger’s Private Label the Easy Way Methods!

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