Is RA and OA really going to die?!!

There is an article going around that seems to be causing a panic. I’ve received some emails asking if it’s true – could RA and OA be dead come Q4?

Here are my thoughts…

I’m not too worried about it. If anything, I think Amazon has already been moving a bit in this direction by making it easier to get into gated categories but restricting brands… but there is no way they will cut off such a huge portion of their revenue. Someone pointed out in another thread on this topic that the Amazon Seller App and some of the new systems continue to support RA so they are clearly supporting this model still.

If you are concerned and want to stay safe, I would simply shy away from brand driven products when using RA/OA strategies. The issue seems to come up more when there are complaints about fraud… this is less likely to happen if you stick to non-brand driven items – and there is plenty of inventory to be had that isn’t Nike, Disney, Coach, etc.