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We are less than 3 days from the beginning of Q4 – Can you feel it?

There is a lot of hype in the air… it is a crazy selling time! But, I wanted to give you just a few quick tips before it’s here. I think it is super important to set your expectations properly and stay focused as to not get caught up in all the “Big Talk” the holiday selling season can bring.

First of all – You have probably already heard that you can’t sell toys on Amazon this year. Either it’s too late to get started (some say you should have had your items in weeks ago!) or you got that confusing email Amazon sends out letting you know that because you didn’t make enough sales before a certain date – you can’t sell toys.

Well, I’m here to bust both of those myths.

Tip #1: Sell Toys this Q4

It isn’t too late to send in your Q4 inventory! One of the funnest parts of the holiday selling season is using retail and online arbitrage strategies to get the hottest of hot toys. You can’t predict this stuff too far in advance – instead, you have to pay attention to trends and store offerings… then know when to buy and when to pass. I guarantee if you are paying attention, you can make a killing just from buying from retail stores and shipping into Amazon’s FBA program.

Speaking of FBA. That email that went out listing the restrictions for selling toys this season? If you read it all the way through, you’ll see that the regulations do not apply to FBA (fulfilled by amazon) sellers. So, even if you are brand new to the selling game – you are qualified to sell toys on Amazon through their FBA program… that is, unless you are looking to make a killing on the new Star Wars toys.

Amazon sent an email out to a limited number of sellers explaining the restrictions that are being applied to sell any toy from the Star Wars VII… However, keep in mind – the restriction is for TOYS. We can all bet Star Wars is going to blow everything else out of the water this holiday season… so, if you aren’t approved to sell toys, then look for other Star Wars items (household, linens, clothing, shoes, etc.). If, however, you have your heart set on getting in on those toys, we have a step-by-step guide in the Holiday Toy Guide that will walk you through getting approved. http://www.HolidayToyGuide.com

The second tip I wanted to share as you prepare for the holiday selling season.
TIP #2: Don’t get greedy.

I’ve been through 12 holiday selling season and I’m telling you – if you can make a profit you are happy with, sell it. Don’t hold on and wait… and don’t kick yourself if it goes higher after it’s sold. That isn’t a game you want to get into. You want to strike when the iron is HOT and not look back.

TIP #3: Be a part of a community.

Get into a good group of like-minded sellers who can encourage you, answer questions and help you get through the crazy season. We have an incredible community with the Holiday Toy Guide – and I’d love to have you join us!

Right now – you can save with the Friends & Family discount if you go to this special page:

But, it’s more than community. The Holiday Toy Guide provides research, guides, experts… and so much more. Check it out before we close the doors.

And – real quick, another community I’ll share more about later. If you live on the west coast, we are pulling together an incredible day event! I’d love to meet you face-to-face… You can learn more here:

Enjoy the calm before the coming FRENZY! 😉

Jenni Hunt