Online Creativity:
Thinking outside to box to grow your business
with Jenni Hunt

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I know it’s Friday and we are heading into the weekend – but, there are so many incredible things going on that I wanted to send you out a quick note.

But – before we dig in, I have a quick question…
I know many of you have been following me online since I started almost 13 years ago. I cannot put into words what it means to me that you have stuck around. 😉 And, it is my sincere hope that your business has benefited from it.

Every once in a while, I have found it helpful to reach out and ask what is important to you as you grow your business.

I have met and worked with some brilliant people with incredible solutions to every day problems in the online business world (reselling on eBay/Amazon and otherwise)… and I get super excited to share with you these opportunities — BUT, it is even more important to me that I am reaching your deepest needs in you business.

What do you need to grow your business right now?
What is your biggest obstacle?
What problems are you looking for solutions for?

I am not just throwing those questions out there… I *really* want to know! Shoot me off an email, post on my Facebook page, PM me… let me know what kind of help you need so I can better help you reach your business goals.

One thing I have heard over and over again is how BUSY you all are…

How in the world are you suppose to grow your business when you are spending all your time going from store to store hoping to find *the* hot item for the week? I get it – I love the hunt and the retail arbitrage model; however, when push comes to shove, you are really at the mercy of what you happen to find on any shopping spree. It can be a great way to get your feet wet, but that’s no way to seriously grow your business.

First things first – you need to automate some of the processes you have going now to free yourself up to focus on growth.

That is worth repeating…

You need to automate some of the processes you have now to free yourself up to focus on growth.

Here are a couple of ideas on how to do that…

One way to do this is by outsourcing to a VA. We’ve talked about this before… a VA scouring the internet for you will save you time and, in the long run,  money. They can provide you with a short list of items to dig deeper into. I don’t expect to always buy right off the list my VA sends me; however, I do cut my research time by about 75% because of the daily lists I receive. This time I save allows me to focus on other areas of growth.

(BTW – if you are looking to join a Small Group of ten members to share a VA researching toys and home products online, I’ve just opened up a new group that starts in early June. Right now you can save $30 and get in at $267 – price goes up Monday) This is 3 months access to a dedicated full time VA providing daily toy and home items! One product find a month will easily return your investment.

Anyhow – if you are interested, you can learn more here: http://www.privatenichegroups.com/SmallGroupVA but you won’t be able to order it from that page because I haven’t opened it up to the public just yet. Use this link to save $30 and CLICK HERE to save your spot before it fills up!)

Another way to automate is to find replenishable items to resell. If you can build a foundation of inventory that is replenishable, you can count on that revenue with little effort in the future. While I have found some replenishable items via retail arbitrage – An excellent source for replenishables is wholesale. Wholesale selling is extremely easy to automate because you can regularly place orders and have them shipped right off to a prep center… you never have to touch the inventory or a box & tape! Imagine that!?

Well, you don’t have to imagine…

If your business is heavily dependent on finding items at retail stores in person or online – then you know the time you put into finding product and that the competition is growing every day.

If you have experienced this and want to get away from all the competition and being dependent on what the stores happen to have on sale – then wholesale could be the solution you are looking for.

Join John Bullard Sr and Ryan Reger (I’ll be on chat) on a live FREE webinar next Thursday night May 19th at 8 PM ET as they discuss why wholesale should be a part of your business and how to negotiate with wholesale suppliers.

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See you in the webinar!
Jenni Hunt